Total Defence Day

Total Defence Day was commemorated on 15th February 2013. Students were brought through the various events such as the Bukit Ho Swee Fire, SARS outbreak and economic crisis. Through these events in Singapore history, students were able to see the resilience of Singaporeans as they stood together to overcome the difficult situations. The pupils had a meaningful and memorable an Total Defence Day.


Students’ art work to depict this year’s theme, “Will you stand with me?”


Puzzle fixing games for all pupils during recess based on NE message 6, “We have confidence in our future.”


Skit by external vendor highlighting Singapore’s historical figures who had contributed to  the five pillars of Total Defence. 


Sharing by NE Ambassadors on how they can stand together to contribute towards Total Defence.


Raising pupils’ awareness through the game, ‘Guess Who?’ on how the male teachers contribute towards military defence.


International Friendship Day

The theme for this year’s International Friendship Day, ‘The World in Singapore’, highlights Singapore as a melting pot and the importance of embracing diversity in our nation. The message was conveyed to our pupils in the context of ‘The World in Xinghua’ through pre-Assembly Talks, a special Assembly Programme and team games. 


The pre-Assembly Talks raised pupils’ awareness of the multi-national schoolmates whom they interact with in studies and at play. The notion of developing friendship through games and Co-curricular Activities was also reinforced with the school values of Respect and Excellence.


The members of the Parent Support Group participated in a short Assembly programme which focused on cultural diversity. They presented a Thai dance, a Nepalese dance and a fashion parade that showcased different costumes of 5 countries namely India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. 


A vibrant Nepalese dance by parent volunteers

A graceful Thai dance


After the Assembly Programme, the pupils proceeded to the respective venues for the team games. The Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils had a mass hula hoop chain relay, while the Primary 4 and Primary 5 pupils played Captain’s Ball and the Primary 5 and Primary 6 pupils had an exciting game of Floorball. The games aimed to foster closer bonding among pupil and teacher representatives of different nationalities.


It is hoped that the activities have instilled in pupils the need to respect and appreciate people from different backgrounds. 



Friendly handshakes after the game


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