Prefectorial Board

The Xinghua Primary School Prefectorial Board held their Prefects’ Investiture on 28 January 2013. This marks a new beginning for the 94 appointed Prefects as they venture on their leadership journey. Esther Chong (Primary 6E) assumes the role as Head Prefect with Johakim (Primary 6C) and Fazil (Primary 6C) as Vice-Head Prefects. After receiving the badges from Mrs Loh and Mr Chong, the Prefects pledged to carry out their duties responsibly and uphold the values and rules of the school. No matter how tough the journey is going to be, the Prefects will continue to work towards achieving a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in their leadership journey and being role models to the entire student population.


Mr Chong, assisting Fazil, Vice-Head Prefect, to pin on his badge

Prefects taking their pledge


Presenting the 2013 Prefectorial Board


Friend of Singa 


 Training @ Marina Barrage                                                            Introduced FOS Project in Term 2 Week 6



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