Art Club

Ceramics: Glazing our pinched creations

About the CCA
The Art Club provides opportunities for pupils to develop their interests in visual arts and expose them to new techniques and mediums through hands-on activities. There are various platforms for pupils to showcase their talents and expand their knowledge in art and art-making through different mediums. During the CCA, pupils are encouraged to express their thoughts, feelings and creativity through the various visual art forms.



Octoburst On-the-Spot Art Competition 2013:


Category B (7 - 9 years old)
3rd place - Lalina Tamang
Merit award - Cayden Tan
Merit award - Nur Asyura


Category C (10 - 12 years old)
2nd place - Anggun Fatimah


Photography: Up close and personal


Art Club adopts a modular approach to teach pupils in various skills in 2D, 3D and new media aspects:

Term 1

P3/4: Ceramics pinching technique [3D]

P5/6: Photography [new media]

Term 2

P3/4: Photography [new media]

P5/6: Ceramics slab and coiling techniques [3D]

Term 3

P3/4/5: Octoburst On-the-Spot Art Competition prep with various mediums [2D]