IT Club

Team members receiving certificates of merit

About the CCA
Xinghua Primary School has been having a Robotics programme since 2001. From a humble beginning, the membership of the IT Club has increased from 10 pupils in 2001 to 59 pupils in 2014.



Pupils in the IT Club participated in a number of competitions such as the RoboPreneur Carnival, National Junior Robotics Competition and the World Robo Tournament (WRT). Team LRM Beta was in the top 13 for Best Mechanical Design in the National Junior Robotics Competition in 2013. This year, we also won the Best Programming Award in the Mazebot Category in WRT.

Our weekly competition training

Members are taught IT-related skills such as Robotics, Windows Movie Maker, Digital Art, Powtoon and 3D design. The skills are applied on school projects such as creating Teachers’ Day cards and movies to show appreciation to our teachers.