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Health Education

Our Vision

A Healthy Lifestyle For Every Child


Our Mission

To empower every child with the proper knowledge and a healthy life


Our Beliefs

Cultivating positive and healthy habits now will lead to living a healthy lifestyle later.


Every child has the right to know how to live a positive and healthy lifestyle.



The school has the following key programmes for all levels to develop pupils with the right knowledge and skills and to cultivate the right attitudes and values to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Annual Health Check by Singapore Health Services
  • Tooth Brushing Lessons and Routines for Primary 1 and Primary 2
  • Tooth Brushing Review Lessons for Primary 3 and Primary 5
  • Anti-Drug Activity Booklet for Primary 4 to Primary 6
  • Health Zone Visit for Primary 4

Project Work

Project Work is done by our Primary 3, 4 and 5 pupils once a year. The Project Work requires them to do research and apply their skills and knowledge that they have gained from different subject areas. The Primary 3 pupils did the Caring For A Pet Project, while the Primary 4 pupils did the Project on Healthy Lifestyle.


The Primary 5 pupils did a Project on Cultures - Little India. Their Learning journey to Little India further enhanced their knowledge of the Indian culture. They also learnt about some of the healthy snacks eaten by their Indian classmates.


"Look! What have they got here?"

"I bought some healthy Indian snacks."


Fruittie Veggie Bites Programme

The Fruttie Veggie Bites Programme aims to raise awareness of “Eating two servings of fruits and two servings of vegetables every day”. When pupils purchase a serving of fruit/vegetables from the canteen vendors, they will be given a Fruttie Veggie Bites Card. The class with the greatest number of cards in that level is rewarded with tokens of encouragement.


Do you know how many grapes is equivalent to one serving of fruit?


Moooo-Me Milk Programme for Underweight Pupils

The Moooo-Me Milk Programme helps our underweight pupils in the school as they are encouraged to have a balanced diet for their three main meals. Drinking milk daily is a habit which the school would like to inculcate in the pupils. The pupils with the nicest “Milk Moustache” will get to enjoy a free breakfast with their favourite teacher.


Drinking delicious milk!


The school's Holistic Health Promotion Framework





The School Health Promotion Team (SHPT) adopts a holistic approach to promote Healthy Lifestyle among the pupils, staff and community. Through a simple 3-step process of Identifying, Intervening and Monitoring, SHPT aims to foster good physical, mental, social and emotional health to fulfil the vision of “A Vibrant School with Passionate Learners and Caring Citizens”.

The needs of the pupils are categorised into the following:


Physical Needs Learning Needs

Social & Emotional


Health Promotion Campaigns in the school


“No More Excuses! Live A Healthy Life”

“You’ve Got A Friend. Live A Healthy Life”

“Yes. I Can! Live A Healthy Life”

"Yes. We Can! Live A Healthy Life"



Healthy Lifestyle Programme

What is BMI?

Body Mass Index (BMI) measures the relationship between a person’s height and weight and provides an estimate of the amount of fat in the body.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated using the following formula:

Weight (kg)

BMI = ---------------------------------

         Height (m) x Height (m)


For children, the BMI has to be interpreted in relation to their age and gender using percentile charts because the amount of body fat changes at different ages and stages of growth. For example, during puberty, children may become taller and put on more weight which can significantly affect their BMI.

More information can be found in the Health Promotion Board website. The following link can also help you calculate your child’s BMI:


You may also want to visit the following webpage using the link below to a Calorie Calculator:



Health Charter