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Information and Communication Technology (ICT)


Better Learning, Better Learners


To harness ICT for engaged learning and prepare pupils to face the challenges of the 21st century.

E-Learning Platform

Pupils can access the e-learning portal from school and at the comfort of their homes.

Every pupil has an account and teachers use the e-learning platform to enhance teaching and learning. 


Baseline ICT Skills

At the end of their primary education, all pupils will have acquired a basic set of ICT skills:

  • Operate computers and applications in ICT-enabled learning environment
  • Search for information and communicate over the internet
  • Create a short document using the word processor
  • Represent tables of data in word processors and spreadsheets
  • Perform simple computations using a spreadsheet
  • Create a short presentation with media elements
  • Collect and process data using ICT tools


ICT Enrichment

Through the ICT enrichment programme, our pupils will learn more about:

  • Coding
  • 3D Design
  • Multimedia tools


Cyber Wellness

We aim to equip pupils with life-long social-emotional competencies and sound values so that they can become safe, respectful and responsible users of ICT.