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Mathematics Programme Goal

Help pupils know and love Mathematics


Primary 1 ABL – Pupils using non-standard units (e.g. interlocking cubes) to measure mass of objects.

Activity-Based Lessons

Activity-based lessons (ABLs) are conducted during lessons to allow our pupils to have more hands-on experience.

Through the lessons, pupils not only understand Mathematical concepts better but are able to apply what they have learnt to solve higher-order thinking questions.


Sustained Support for Mathematics (SSM)

The school has been on the Sustained Support for Mathematics (SSM) for Primary 1 and 2 pupils in 2011, Primary 3 and 4 pupils in 2012 and Primary 5 and 6 pupils in 2013. SSM is a collaborative project between CPDD, MOE and the school to enhance pupils’ learning of Mathematics. It allows pupils to engage in hands-on activities with manipulatives to explore and work with. This helps to strengthen their foundation in Mathematics concepts.



Primary 2 pupils using manipulatives to learn the concept of money.




Star Mathematician Reward System

To motivate our pupils to strive towards excellence in their daily work, there is a Mathematics reward system. Pupils are rewarded for excellence in their daily Mathematics written assignments with a star. If a pupil has accumulated 5 stars, he/she will get a Star Card from the teacher. The more Star Cards the pupil collects, the stronger his/her chance of getting the STAR Trophy at the end of the year.




 Primary 3 Mathematics Practical Test - Shapes



Primary 4 Math Practical Test - Mass

 Alternative Assessments

Besides the Semestral Assessments, the department also has alternative assessments such as Mathematics Trails and Practical Tests that provide a more holistic assessment of the pupils’ mastery of Mathematics concepts.




Mathematics Workshop for Parents

The Mathematics Department conducts workshops for parents in Semester 1. These workshops give our pupils’ parents more ideas on how to guide their children at home in the use of model-drawing and heuristics to solve word problems. They also serve to increase these parents’ awareness of the Mathematical language used in classrooms so that they can reinforce it at home. The workshops are very well-received by them.


Parents engaged in applying heuristics to solve word problems




      Demonstrating to the parents on how to use counting backwards in subtraction.