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Chinese Programme

Chinese New Year Celebration

   The school welcomed Lunar New Year with many fun activities. Pupils were engaged in craft activities like making of fire crackers and fish collage. Pupils’ art works were put up as part of the Chinese New Year decorations too. On the day of celebrations, pupils enjoyed watching the Lion Dance, Wushu and Dance performances. Pupils also participated in the exciting competition and sing-along session.




Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration

Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated in Xinghua Primary School every year. The origin of Mid-Autumn Festival was introduced to pupils to help them understand the culture. Recess activities such as tasting of moon cake, tea tasting, paper cutting and Chinese calligraphy were organized for pupils and teachers to have the opportunity to try out some hands-on Chinese cultural activities related to Mid-Autumn Festival.




Immersion Programme

A group of selected Primary five pupils embarked on a cultural exchange journey to Suzhou, Shanghai and Wuxi. The immersion programme aimed to develop pupils’ global awareness and cross cultural skill. Pupils had the chance to go to the local schools for classroom experience. Besides participating in cultural activities such as tea appreciation and making of tea pots, they also went for learning tours to cultural and historical sites.




School Wide Reading Programme

The School Wide Reading Programme aims to instil the love for reading in pupils. Pupils are issued Mother Tongue story books from the class libraries so that they could have at least one story book to read whenever and wherever they want. Guided reading and interesting follow-up activities are carried out in class. Certificates will be awarded to pupils who have achieved the reading targets.




Mother Tongue Week cum Mother Tongue Fortnight

Fun activities and level competitions were carried out over a spread of two weeks at the end of Term 3. These activities provided opportunities for pupils to display their creativity.


Primary 1 & 2: Penmanship Competition



Primary 1 & 2: Creative Story Telling

Primary 1 & 2: Speech and Drama


Primary 3 & 4: Comic Strips Competition



Primary 3 & 4: Speech and Drama



Primary 5: Creative Advertisement Competition



Primary 5: Chinese Opera Mask Making



Holistic Assessment

The school believes in delivering a holistic education to our pupils. In Term 1, learning stations were set up around the school to create real-life scenarios for pupils to apply their language skills. In Term 3, pupils worked on their oral presentations. They were given feedback for their presentation skill, critical thinking skill and the use of information and communications technology.





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