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Malay Programme

The teaching of Malay Language in Xinghua Primary School aims to build the Malay Language proficiency among learners through meaningful activities.

Malay Language teachers use a wide variety of teaching tools and strategies to cater to the different needs of our pupils. We believe that quality teaching is essential in the course of nurturing the promising future of our younger generation.



Basic literacy skills such as reading, listening and writing skills are essential in nurturing confident speakers.


Durian adalah raja segala buah!

Susu lembu berkhasiat!


Readers’ Theatre is used as a platform for our pupils to gain confidence in public speaking


Drama workshops enable our pupils to be more expressive and enhance their ability to converse in the Malay Language proficiently.


The Malay Language teachers’

Action Research Project was presented at several national platforms and was awarded the Bronze Award for Innergy ( Schools ) Awards 2012.



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