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Physical Education (PE)

Our Vision

Our vision is to see our children actively engaging in physical activities in a rapidly changing technological world


An Active Physical Lifestyle through Physical Education


Our Mission

To provide our students with a conducive environment that will encourage our students to engage in a wide variety of activities that will strengthen their belief that physical education is an integral part of their total development. Our programme aims to allow our students to explore and experience new movements and skills related to physical activities and to help them to excel when they have discovered their potential and interest.


Our Beliefs

We believe that every child has the potential to become physically educated and be given equal opportunity regardless of their talents, skills or limitations.

We believe that young children should be given opportunities to explore and discover their strengths, talents and interests.

We believe in the importance of building a strong foundation in psychomotor skills at primary school level onwards.

We believe in creating a learning environment that is non-threatening, constructive, stimulating, challenging, rewarding and student-centred.


Key PE Programmes

LAPS - Learning through Active Participation in School-based activities

The main purpose of organising school-based activities in the Physical domain in LAPS is to develop pupils with the skills, knowledge and attitudes to live an Active Life. The activities are as follow:


Primary 1Primary 2Primary 3Primary 4Primary 5Primary 6

Basic Gymnastics




Lower Pri Games Carnival

Basic Wushu


Rhythmic Movements




Lower Pri Games Carnival

Swimming and Water Safety


Hip Hop Dance


Athletic Meet and House Carnival



Athletic Meet and House Carnival

Outdoor Adventure


Athletic Meet and House Carnival

Dragon Boating


Athletic Meet and House Carnival




Primary 5 Adventure Camp

The annual camp provides opportunities for the Primary 5 pupils to learn independence as they perform many chores by themselves and to overcome their fear of height and darkness as they go through many exciting and challenging activities. The extended time spent together with their classmates and teachers provides time for them to bond and to get to know each other better too. At the end of the 3-Day 2-Night camp, the pupils bring home with them fond memories and precious lessons learnt through the various activities.




Athletic Programme

To ensure authenticity in pupils' learning in Track and Field in PE, the House Athletic Carnivals were introduced to provide opportunities for all Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils to participate in modified Track and Field events such as, foam javelin, hula-hoop throw (discus), shot-put, 70m sprint and other telematch games. During these carnivals, pupils get to put in practice what they have learnt from their PE lessons to these competitive events.

The House Carnivals is also a platform for House teachers to select their athletes for the school’s Annual Athletic Meet. These carnivals provided equal opportunities for all Primary 3 to Primary 6 pupils to compete among themselves within the House before they get talent-scouted to represent their House for the Inter-House Track and Field competitions.



Lower Primary Games Carnival

For the younger charges in Primary 1 and Primary 2, we organise the Lower Primary Games Carnival annually. During the carnival, 3 different types of races are organised – Sprint Race, Telematch and MA n NE Relay (a relay that requires pupils to solve simple mathematical sums and a NE puzzle). All the pupils get to participate in one of these 3 races and go home with a prize.


House Champion for 2012
Emerald House


Annual Athletic Meet

The Annual Athletic Meet is a culminating event of the school’s Athletic Programme for the Primary 3 to 6 pupils. After learning basic skills and knowledge of Track and Field during PE lessons and participating in the House Athletic Carnivals in Term 1, everyone gathers at a stadium for the exhilarating Meet. All the athletes from the 5 Houses put their best foot forward to gain as many points for their Houses as possible while the non-competitors participate in Cheerleading, House Mascot and Most Outstanding House competitions.


House Champion for 2013
Ruby House

Most Outstanding House Award for 2013
Sapphire House