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Inquiry Minds, Resilient Learners


To develop inquisitiveness and independence through engaging and inquiry learning.


Science programmes in Xinghua aim to make Science learning meaningful and relevant. The Science Garden provides opportunities for pupils to engage in outdoor learning.

Primary 3 pupils make use of iPods to learn more about the flora and fauna of the garden and this enhances their learning experience.


Primary 3 pupils get a chance to plant different vegetables the hydroponics way. Then they harvest and sell the vegetables to staff and pupils to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship.
Science Trails are conducted to provide pupils with opportunities to apply Science concepts to situations outside their classrooms in Term 1.


Science Practical Tests are conducted for pupils in Term 3 as an alternative mode of assessment. Pupils get a chance to demonstrate their proficiency in handling Science apparatus as well as gathering data using data loggers.



Science Club Activities

Science Club members actively participate in competitions and activities to provide them with opportunities to learn Science in a fun and enjoyable way. They participate in the Young Scientist Badge Scheme and attend enrichment lessons and workshops organized by the Singapore Science Centre. In the Sony Creative Science Award 2012, April Claire Rodiano and Crystal Beh Yan Ning from Primary 6 Excellence clinched the Commendation Award for their creation of the “ Korean Spinning Dancer ”.


On Earth Day, Science Club members showcased their leadership capabilities when they guided their schoolmates in paper recycling and gave presentations on the importance of conserving the environment. They showed their peers how to reuse plastic bottles as containers to grow money plants.These activities reinforced the need to reduce, reuse and recycle resources to save the earth.