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Social Studies


Know Singapore, Love Singapore



To create a sense of identity and rootedness within our multi-racial mix of pupils


New Syllabus : Inquiring Into Our World ( Primary 1 to Primay 4 )

i. The new Social Studies syllabus will be fully implemented at all levels in 2014.The Primary 1 to Primary 4 pupils are using the new SS syllabus. They are actively engaged in the construction of knowledge, new ways of understanding and viewing things. This inquiry-based learning seeks to create and capitalize on Primary1 to Primary 4 pupils’ curiosity, so that the learning experience is authentic and meaningful.

ii. Components of the Primary1 to Primary 4 2013 Social Studies Package - The Primary1 to Primary 3 Social Studies instructional package consists of six Big Books, six Readers and an Activity Book. These Readers are engaging and allow pupils to connect to their environment and draw from everyday experiences to engage in lively discussions. The Primary 4 instructional package uses textbooks and workbooks to harness their learning.


Field-based Learning and Heritage Tours

Field-based Learning (FbL) and Heritage Tours engage pupils in multi-sensory experiences. As part of inquiry-based learning, these learning trips help them to explore their surroundings and make connections to the topics being studied. Primary 1 to Primary 6 pupils will visit these places this year.

Primary 1 : Peranakan Museum

Primary 2 : Singpaore History Museum

Primary 3 : Singapore Zoological Gardens

Primary 4 : The Maritime Experiential Museum

Primary 5 : Heritage Tour to Little India

Primary 6 : Heritage Tour to Chinatown


Pupils having a lively discussion in Little India in front of a garland stall.


The Indian Cultural Corner providing the pupils a glimpse of the Indian heritage.