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Experiential Learning

'Diversity and Identity’ was the theme for Experiential Week for the Primary One. The pupils gained insights into the clothes, food and culture of the different ethnic groups in Singapore. They enjoyed the group activities and they learned some Indian, Malay and Chinese dance steps.


Girls posing in Indian ethnic costume

P1 Fashion Parade of ethnic costumes 

Pupils posing with their group's ethnic costume

P1 pupils doing up an ethnic costume


The learning journey to the Changi Airport was an engaging activity as pupils went to different parts of the airport to learn about people working in the airport as well as the functions of the airport. Pupils learnt the history of the Changi Airport by doing research.


P1 pupils completing their Airport Activity Sheet

P1 pupils doing a woodblock colouring at the airport


The activities and learning journey encourages the Primary One pupils to appreciate Racial Harmony as well as be proud of Singapore’s heritage.



The Experiential Week for our Primary 2 pupils was filled with learning opportunities based on the theme of ‘Knowing Singapore’s Past’. Their learning journey to the Singapore National Museum was the highlight of the week where they were introduced to the history of Singapore’s past and current trends in fashion, entertainment and even its glorious food.




Our pupils were enthused to learn the different elements of the cultural dance through folk dancing. The week’s activities culminated with the singing of songs to express their love for Singapore. Their completion of the flower making activity for the children at the Children's Home reiterated the learning of school values.

The term 'experiential' truly conveys our belief in providing the opportunity for our pupils to enjoy learning through first hand experience. The 'Experiential Week', which is carried out annually during the last week of Term 2, is a platform specially created for pupils to learn in a non-threatening and enjoyable environment.


The P3 pupils embarked on an inter-disciplinary theme ‘Amazing Animals Adventure’ during the P3 Experiential Week 2012. This theme provided an opportunity for the pupils to be aware of the conservation efforts towards animals and the environment.

The week started off with an art activity on creating an animal mask. The P3 pupils were given the freedom of creative expression as they created beautiful, colourful animal masks which most of them donned immediately in excitement.



Pupils then used the completed animal masks to incorporate into an animal mass dance “We’re Going to the Zoo”, which they enjoyed tremendously as they get to mimic the movements of various animals.



As part of the school’s ‘Values In Action’ (VIA) campaign, the P3 pupils were given the opportunity to do their part for charity where they wrapped stationery items for the children at Melrose Home. Working in pairs and teams, the pupils took their tasks seriously and ensured that every stationery gift set was wrapped with utmost care.



The P3 pupils were also involved in the Semestral ‘Use Your Hands Campaign’ where they cleaned their respective classrooms. Values such as respect and responsibility were inculcated to promote awareness among the P3 pupils.



The P3 pupils participated in a ‘Rope Skipping’ competition where they showed off their brilliant skipping skills as individuals, as well as working together as a class to win the competition. They enjoyed themselves immensely and could hardly contain their excitement!



The highlight of the week came in the form of a Learning Journey to the Singapore Zoo where the P3 pupils had a marvellous time completing a Mathematics and Science trail. They also enjoyed learning more about elephants through the ‘Elephants of Asia’ show. A ‘Wildlife Conservation’ talk was also arranged for the pupils to learn about endangered animals.




During the Experiential Week, our Primary 4 pupils were introduced to the rich culture and heritage of the Malay community as well as the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They had a fruitful time learning about various aspects of healthy living during the Health Zone visit. The interactive displays, posters and health education session certainly engaged our pupils as they learnt useful tips on selecting the right food choices and various ways to stay strong and healthy as seen in their Project Work presentations on ‘Obesity’ in Term 3.



Visit to Health Zone @ Health Promotion Board


As part of their Project Work, they also donned their aprons and gloves to create healthy sandwiches. From creating their own healthy sandwich recipes to putting together the ingredients for their sandwiches, the pupils definitely applied what they had learnt at the Health Zone.



Sandwich - Making


During their learning journey to Kampong Glam, they discovered the rich culture and heritage of the Malay Community and they learnt to appreciate the cultural diversity of different ethnic communities living in Singapore.


Learning Journey to Kampong Glam


As a consolidation of their learning, our pupils did a collage consisting of pictures taken in Kampong Glam and completed their reflections. Our pupils also exercised their creativity in decorating their own traditional Malay kites – Wau Bulan.


Wau Bulan Decoration


The Experiential Week finally culminated in exciting inter-class matches where our pupils played the Malay traditional games, Sepak Takraw and Chapteh. Their teamwork and sportsmanship were commendable!



Playing Malay Traditional Games



This year, the Primary 6 pupils went on a learning journey to Chinatown during the Experiential Week. Students witnessed traders carrying out their business in much the same way as they have for generations and learnt much about the history and cultures of Chinatown from the guides and tour.


Students taking photographs of famous monuments in Chinatown

A tour guide explaining the history behind Sago Lane.



The pupils were also involved in a full day Study Skills and Motivational workshop. Experienced facilitators taught the pupils essential skills through interactive hands on activities for effective revision and boosted the students’ morale in preparations for the PSLE.

During Experiential week, pupils went on learning journeys to reinforce Science concepts learnt in during Science lessons. This is another platform where pupils engage in Science activities beyond the classroom.



Primary 6 pupils are involved in a special programme known as Science Explorama. During this time they work in teams and participate in a series of hands-on Science related activities.