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LAPS ( L earning through A ctive P articipation in S chool-based activities) is a programme to provide pupils with opportunities to participate in school-based activities. Liken to “doing laps” in swimming or track and field to develop athletes, LAPS in Xinghua Primary School aims to:
  1.  Facilitate all-rounded development of pupils
  2. Develop Social & Emotional competencies through active participation in school-based activities
  3. Provide pupils with broad exposure and experiences through fun and varied activities covering 4 domains (see below)


Primary 1

Basic Gymnastics



In their 6 years of education in Xinghua, pupils will participate in various activities from LAPS 1 to LAPS 6 in 4 domains:
  • L anguage Arts
  • A esthetics (Music and Art)
  • P hysical
  • S kills (Life- S kills)


Primary 1

Speech & Drama



In Primary 1 and 2, the activities in the Life-Skills domain is categorised into 4 modules:
  • Healthy Living
  • Home / School Experience
  • Basic IT skills
  • Citizenship/Career

Primary 3 Boomwhackers 

Primary 2 Chinese Painting



The Nature of the Activities is as follows:
  • Hands-on
  • Fun-filled
  • Thought-provoking

 Primary 4 Inline Skate

Primary 6 Dragon Boating



The Tone of the Environment is such that it allows pupils to:
  • Experience
  • Explore (and Create)
  • Exemplify

Primary 5 Ethnic Percussion


Learning Outcomes

Apart from achieving the specific Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes in most of the activities, LAPS also aims to develop pupils’ character by cultivating values such as:


gain knowledge in various fields and be able to communicate effectively


show positive attitudes to learn and be able to direct one’s learning


enjoy group experiences and be able to work as a team


  Primary 5 Adventure Camp

An Overview of LAPS in Xinghua


Language Arts




Primary 1 Speech & Drama (Part 1)

Body Percussion &

Creative Movements


Digital Art
Basic Gymnastics

Healthy Living




Basic ICT skills


Adapting to New Environment
Primary 2 Speech & Drama (Part 2)

Orff Instrument


Chinese Painting

Basic Wushu


Rhythmic Movements

Healthy Living




Basic ICT skills


Adapting to New Environment
Primary 3  




Swimming and

Water Safety


Hip Hop Movements

Water Safety




Cultural Understanding
Primary 4  

Ethnic Percussion


Batik Painting


Living an Active Life


Cultural Understanding
Primary 5  

Digital Music


Mural Art 1
Outdoor Adventure

Overcoming personal limits


Cultural Understanding
Primary 6  

Mural Art 2

Dragon Boating



Cultural Understanding