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Archived Announcements

MOE Mother Tongue Languages Symposium 2015




Download the pamphlet here.






Do you know a Head of Department (HOD), Subject Head (SH), Level Head (LH) or Level Coordinator (LC) who has led their school in the development and implementation of an effective English Language programme?


Or do you know a teacher who simply makes English lessons come alive, uses the language effectively and ignites a passion for the English Language?


Send in your nomination for a deserving teacher today.


Nominations are also open for the annual Inspiring Teacher of English – Teaching Award. 

For this award category, we are looking for teachers who:

  • ·         Are role models of the use of good spoken and written English;
  • ·         Promote learning focused interaction during English Language lessons; and
  • ·         Choose pedagogies appropriate to learners’ needs.


All students, parents, and fellow teachers are invited to submit nominations for this award.  



Nomination form can be downloaded from here.
All completed forms are to be submitted to the school by 6pm, on 24 Apr 2014.





Jointly presented by the Speak Good English Movement and The Straits Times, with the support of the Ministry of Education, this award recognises teachers who ignite a love for the English language and are effective in helping their students speak and write accurately. Now in its 7th year, the Inspiring Teacher of English – Teaching Award has acknowledged 52 teachers since it was introduced in 2008. This year, a new category, the Inspiring Teacher of English – Leadership Award is introduced to recognise teachers who have led their school in the development and implementation of an effective English Language programme.


MOE ExCEL Fest 2014


Total Defence Day 2014

Total Defence Day was commemorated on the 14th of February. The theme this year, was ’Because you played a part’. This theme helps to reaffirm the important role Singaporeans play in keeping Singapore strong. Pupils and staff played their part by participating in an Evacuation Exercise which was carried out on the same day. This exercise emphasises the importance of being prepared for an emergency.


Pupils and staff participated in an Evacuation Exercise


During the assembly programme, pupils were reminded of the five aspects of Total Defence. Two male staff members shared their experiences in the Army. The NE ambassadors mentioned the contribution of the other male staff members in our school. They also urged everyone to continue to play their part so that we can continue to enjoy the peace and security in our nation.


Mr Ting and Mr Lim sharing their experiences in the Army.


Xinghua Link (February 2014)


Dear parents/guardians


Two months of school have passed by smoothly and we are pleased that our pupils, especially the P1 pupils, have adapted well to our school. We want to thank all parents for their feedback in partnering us to make school improvements.


Celebration of Success

Our Volleyball team participated in the South Zone Inter-School Volleyball competition. They have put in great effort to play as a team and achieved remarkable results. They are also moving on to compete at the national level in coming months:

1.         Senior Girls – 4th Position

2.         Junior Boys – 3rd Position

3.         Junior Girls – 1st position


Congratulations to our boys and girls! They have done us proud.


Safety and Security Matters

Safety of our pupils is very important and hence we have put in place certain measures that will help create a safe and secure environment for all. We seek your cooperation to comply with security measures when entering the school. Do make appointments with staff if you would like to meet up with them. You will be required to sign in at the security guard post and to obtain a visitor’ pass before proceeding to the General Office. This will help us track all visitors to the school. A separate letter has been issued to the children on the security measures that our school has put in place.


28th Annual Athletic Meet

Our school will be organising the 28th Annual Athletic Meet at Hougang Stadium on 7th March for all Primary 3 to 6 pupils. Lessons and other school activities will be suspended for the day. As such, Primary 1 and 2 pupils are not required to attend school on that day. The Primary 1 and 2 children will have a separate Lower Primary Sports Day at school in Term 3.  All parents are cordially invited to join us at this fun-filled event. A separate letter will be issued to your children on the details of this event.


Term 1 Vacation (15 Mar- 22 Mar)

The term vacation is approaching and some of you would have made holiday plans. We want our children to rest, relax and rejuvenate before they come back for Term 2. They may have some work to complete during the week but we are mindful about not flooding them with work. If your child is attending other classes at home, you may want to also take the same approach so that the children have their protected time.


Do allow me to also caution against taking children out of school during curriculum time. We tell our children that we would like them to come to school regularly other than for medical reasons. They understand the school rules and I am happy that by and large everyone respects the rules that we have set for ourselves as a school. So let’s work in partnership on this so that the children receive the same message from both school and home.  


Parents in Education (PiE) Website

The MOE Parents in Education (PiE) website contains resources to help you better support the development of your child. It contains articles on parenting tips, educational news, information on the school curriculum, and resources for parents to support their children’s learning at home. Please click on http://www.moe.gov.sg/parents-in-education to access the PiE website. Alternatively, you can also access the direct link from our school website.


MOE ExCEL Fest 2014

On behalf of the MOE ExCEL Fest 2014 Organising Committee, we would like to extend the invitation for you to attend this event. MOE ExCEL Fest is an annual event that celebrates innovative practices in schools and allows parents and members of the public to find out more about the latest developments in our education landscape.


MOE ExCEL Fest 2014 will be open to the public on 12 April 2014 (Saturday) at Suntec Singapore, Halls 401-402. The theme for MOE ExCEL Fest 2014, “Valuing Every Child, Learning For Life”, turns the spotlight on the educational initiatives as we work towards a student-centric, values-driven education for our children. We would like to invite you to attend the exhibitions, seminars and workshop sessions to learn more about topics selected specially for parents.



Warmest Regards,


Mr Richard Chong

Vice Principal



Warm Welcome To Our New Principal and Administration Manager

We would like to extend a very warm welcome to our Principal, Mrs Chandrika Mano, and Administration Manager, Mr Lim Chong Wei.

Mrs Mano and Mr Lim have joined Xinghua Primary School with effect from 16 December 2013. Mrs Mano was formerly the Principal of Jiemin Primary School, while Mr Lim was transferred from Academy of Singapore


2013 Secondary One (S1) Posting Exercise Release of S1 Posting Results

Parents and students will be able to check the S1 Posting Results via any of the following channels:


2. From 20 December 2013, 9am, to check posting results, please access the S1-IS using the student’s BC/FIN and PSLE Index Number.


3. All successful PSLE students [including those who have been admitted by Singapore Sports School and via Direct School Admission-Secondary (DSA-Sec) Exercise] are to report to the secondary school that they are posted to on

23 December 2013, Monday, at 8.30am


Arif Budiman Malay Language Teachers’ Award 2013



Congratulations to Mdm Rashidah Bte Rajah on receiving the Arif Budiman Malay Language Teachers’ Award (Role Model Category) 2013 from Minister Heng Swee Kiat on 9th Nov 2013.



The Arif Budiman Malay Language Teachers’ Award 2013 is organised by the Malay Language Council, Singapore (MBMS) and the Malay Language Teachers Association (PGBM). The award aims to recognise Malay Language teachers for their contributions in the teaching and learning of Malay Language in school; commend and support their contributions in promoting and developing Malay Language and culture in education; and to salute excellent Malay Language teachers who are exemplary in their efforts in promoting and improving the use of Malay Language.


We congratulate Mdm Rashidah for winning this prestigious award and would like to thank her for her contribution in the promotion of Malay language learning in Xinghua Primary School. 




Teachers’ Day Celebration Concert 2013

The school leaders, teachers, pupils and their parents enjoyed a spectacular Teachers’ Day Celebration Concert. This concert would not have been possible without the sporting and exuberant Primary One to Primary Six pupils and monitors, Primary Four and Five Prefects and Cyber Wellness Ambassadors, supportive Parent Support Group members, Art Coordinator and Art teachers, Music Coordinator and Music teachers, IT – Robotic Club members and teachers, Primary 2 Compassion EL teacher, the Allied Educators and CCPE, Discipline Master and ICT Department. Xinghua Primary School teachers were touched by all their efforts, sincerity and enthusiasm.



Talented and flexible Primary 5 dancers impressing the audience with their cool dance moves.

Exuberant PSG members grooving their way to the beat and rhythm of the music.

Primary Four prefects singing and rocking their way in shades with style.

Primary 4 pupils’ enchanting recorders performance.

Primary 2 Compassion pupils’ captivating and energetic performance won the hearts of the audience.

Another awesome dance performance by our flexible P5 dancers.

Primary 2 and Primary 3 Rope Energetic Skipping Performance

Thanking the Primary 6 monitors for the beautiful and heart-warming Special Teachers’ Day Thank You Tribute!

Tan An Qi from Primary 3E, Winner of Primary 3 Photo Story Competition.  According to her, she felt happy and honoured that her video- entry was selected for the Special Teachers’ Day Thank You Tribute. She hoped that Xinghua Primary School teachers loved it!


President's Award for Teachers 2013

Mdm Chee at the Istana


Congratulations to Mdm Valerie Chee Mui Choo on receiving the President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) from President Tony Tan Keng Yam during the Teachers’ Day Reception at the Istana on 5 September 2013. We are very proud of Mdm Chee as the PAT is a highly prestigious award that recognises the commitment of teachers towards the holistic development of students and to nation-building. Also the recipient of the Most Caring Teacher Award in 2012, she is truly deserving of the PAT. We would like to thank her for her care for pupils and contribution to Xinghua Primary School.



Mdm Chee at Istana with President and Minister of Education


Mdm Valerie Chee with pupils of Primary 6 Graciousness


Mdm Valerie Chee is a firm believer that education is about reaching the hearts of her pupils. She has devoted herself to nurturing the academically weak pupils and those who require her attention the most. As she regularly reads her pupils’ journals, she is aware of some of the problems that they are facing. She goes the extra mile to guide these pupils by first seeking to understand their emotional needs and the family issues that some of them face and then rendering help when needed.


Besides counselling her pupils, Mdm Chee shares personal stories about how adversity can be overcome and motivates her pupils to rise above their own challenges. She also teaches them how to engage in reflection so that they learn from their own mistakes and past experiences. 


Mdm Chee is considered the pillar of her school’s Foundation Mathematics Programme. She often prepares and shares valuable resources on this subject with her colleagues. A very experienced teacher with good pedagogical knowledge, she adopts a wide range of approaches in her teaching and often designs activity-based lessons to engage her pupils.
She also uses games in her classes to assess pupils’ understanding of concepts taught and to teach them study skills to help them cope with work while making learning fun.


To support her peers’ professional development, Mdm Chee takes on the role of mentoring Allied Educators (Teaching and Learning) attached to her and helps them carry out their roles and responsibilities effectively.

National Day Celebration 2013

Our National Day Celebration was held on Wednesday, 7 August 2013. The theme for this year's celebration was "Many Stories, One Singapore ". We started the morning with a solemn ceremony. The contingent, comprising representatives from our uniformed groups, marched to the parade square with the Singapore flag while the rest of the school watched in awe.

Our student leaders marching smartly to the parade square with the Singapore flag.


The NE ambassadors led the school in the recital of the "Recollections".


Community-sing-along session of National Day songs.



The NE ambassadors led the school in the recital of the "Recollections" – a poem that captures the history of Singapore. This was followed by the reading of the National Day Message and the singing of National Day songs. The Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils proceeded to have much awaited Lower Primary Games Carnival while the rest of the school adjourned to the hall for the National Day Concert.

Dance performance by our PSG members.


The Primary 1 and Primary 2 pupils giving their best at the
Lower Primary Games Carnival.

Working harmoniously to guess the title of the
National Day songs.




 Racial Harmony Day 2013




Celebrating Singapore, was the theme for this year’s Racial Harmony Day. This year, pupils have been exposed to numerous activities which showcase Singapore’s diversity, promoting social cohesion and inter-racial understanding among pupils. It also enhanced our pupils’ understanding of the need to stay united. 


All staff and volunteers fully supported the commemoration of the event