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For Parents / Guardians

Visits To Classrooms

  1. For security reasons and the safety of our pupils, no visitor is allowed to go to the classroom.
  2. Parents who come to school to look for their child or meet the teachers are kindly requested to produce their Identity Cards in order to obtain a visitor pass from the security officers and then proceed to the general office.
  3. Visitors to school are to display the visitor pass prominently while in the school premises.
  4. Teachers as well as non-teaching staff will stop outsiders without an official visitor pass.

Consultation With Teachers

  1. Parents can telephone or email the school to arrange with teachers for discussions after/before school hours.
  2. You may also communicate with the teacher via your child’s handbook.

Parents Bringing Children To School

  1. Parents bringing their children to school will not be allowed to enter the school except on rainy days.
  2. The school has limited parking lots. They are reserved for staff only.
  3. Parents are to wait only at the designated waiting areas at dismissal time.

School Canteen Rules

  1. All parents are not allowed at the canteen.

Illness And Absenteeism

  1.  A medical certificate / letter from parents with a valid reason is required when your child is absent from school.
  2. A valid medical certificate must be produced by a pupil who has missed any scheduled tests or examinations.

Leaving School

  1. Any parent who need to take their child home during school hours for valid reasons have to fill in and sign the Early Release Form that has been endorsed by the Form Teacher/subject teacher.  
  2. Parents must produce their Identity Cards before being allowed to take their child home.
  3. Pupils are not allowed to take leave during school term to go on holiday.

Updating Of Particulars

  1. Please notify the school at once of any changes in home address, contact number, guardianship or marital status.

Name Tags On All Belongings

  1. Please make sure that your child’s name and class are written on all his/her belongings such as water bottles, wallets, stationery and books.

Heavy School Bag

  1. Please advise your child to bring only the necessary books for the day according to the class time table.
  2. Trolley bags are strongly discouraged as they add extra weight on your child.

Toys/Electronic Gadgets

  1. Electronic gadgets (eg.Handphone, MP3, discman, electronic games, etc.) are not allowed in school.

Dental Health

  1. The school dental health programme is for all pupils.
  2. The dental therapist will offer free dental treatment and advice during office hours.


  1. Should there be an emergency, pupils will remain with their teachers in the school building until they are brought home by parents or taken home by their usual transport.