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Character & Citizenship Education (CCE)

To inculcate values and build competencies in our pupils so as to develop them into A Caring Leader; one who is a good individual and a citizen who contributes to building the community.

  • All pupils are:
    • Leading Self towards Excellence
    • Working Together for a Common Purpose
    • Leading others to make Positive Differences

Values are taught through customised programmes and they are explicitly expressed through the knowledge and skills encapsulated in the CCE learning outcomes

  • CCE lessons
    • Teaching of values, knowledge and skills through stories, questioning and group discussions
    • Sharing of School Values by teachers and students during Morning Express
    • Sharing of thoughts and feelings through a Structured Circle Time on every Tuesday morning to develop mutual respect, trust and empathy in our students.

  • Building Competencies (SE competencies )
    • Structured VIA programmes to develop responsibility in our pupils:

  • Tier 1 - Everyday Responsibility
    • Students learn to take responsibility of the common space through daily cleaning and maintaining cleanliness in school.
      • Keep My Class Clean (Daily)
      • Litter - free Canteen 
      • Clean My School Day (Once per semester)

  • Tier 2: Special Responsibility
    • Groups of students and teachers who show care and concern to the community
      • P3 Hydroponics
      • Kindness on Wheels (For Staff)
      • National Day 2017

  • Tier 3: Spirit of Volunteerism.
    • ElderSurf Programme (Student volunteers dedicated their time to serve as Cyberguide to the senior citizens in the neighbourhood.)
    • Kindness Movement in Xinghua
      • Friendly notes to my Friends (On International Friendship Day)
      • Appreciation for Our Non-teaching Staff ( Labour Day Appreciation)
      • Thank you Notes to My teachers ( On Teacher’s Day)
    • National Education & Citizenship
    • Social Studies Field-based Learning Journeys
    • NE commemorative events.
    • Students Well-being Support
    • New U Programme to set the tone for the year and promote positive Teacher-Student and Peer relationships.