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Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

To provide an Engaging Environment where pupils can Explore, Experience, Exemplify and Excel.

Every child is unique and should be given equal opportunities to develop their potentials.

CCA Day/Time
Every Tuesday from 7.30am to 9.00am

CCA Programme

P3 to P6Term 1 to Term 4
  • Pupils’ participation in CCAs offered by the school.
  • Pupils are given a chance to opt for a different CCA @ P4 & P5.
P2Term 4
  • CCA Experience to allow pupils to make a choice at P3

CCAs in Xinghua Primary School

As part of the school’s effort to provide our pupils with a holistic and a well-rounded experience, the school offers 15 CCAs in 4 categories as follows:

(1)Sports and Games CCA
- Badminton
- Football
- Softball
- Volleyball
- Wushu

(2) Clubs and Societies CCA
- Art & Photography
- IT (Robotics / Coding)
- Science and Environment
- Language Arts

(3) Performing Arts CCA
- Angklung
- Choir
- Dance
- Guzheng

(4) Uniformed Groups
- Boys’ Brigade
- Girls’ Brigade