Art Club

Art Club

Photo Journalism Focusing A Shot As A Team.jpg

                Photo-journalism: Focusing a shot 
                as a team

Watercolour Gallery Walk.jpg

    Watercolor: Gallery walk

On-the-spot art competition.jpg

    On-the-spot art competition

About the CCA

The Art Club provides opportunities to expose pupils who are interested in visual arts to new techniques and mediums through hands-on activities. It creates a platform for pupils to showcase their talent and enrich their experience in art and art-making. We hope to encourage pupils to express their thoughts and creativity through the various art-making processes.

The Art Club members participate in the annual Octoburst On-the-Spot Art Competition held every Children’s Day. In 2016, we received the following awards:

Category B (7 - 9 years old)
3rd place - Ziv Oh (3R)
Merit award - Livia Mahani (2A)

Category C (10 - 12 years old)
3rd place - Alexis Lim (6R)
Merit award - Nur Syafiqah (5A)
Merit award - Yojin Rai (6R)

The Art Club adopts a modular approach to teach pupils various quality skills and techniques in 2D, 3D and new media art forms. This year, the pupils will be engaged in creative paper craft, print-making and photo-journalism.