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Language Arts

Language Arts Club

T-Shirt Design Using Words Creatively In Artefact Design.jpg

    T-shirt Design: Using words creatively in artefact     design

Drama Acting Out Roles.jpg

   Drama: Acting out roles

Scriptwriting Students Perform A Readers’ Theatre Of Their Created Scripts.jpg

  Scriptwriting: Students perform a readers' theatre    of their created scripts

About the CCA

Xinghua Primary School Language Arts Club aims to provide avenues for students to express themselves in multi-modal ways with language. Students are involved in drama, music and art and craft. They also get the opportunity to learn various aspects of the different languages in fun and engaging ways.


The club adopts an all-rounded approach in using language in multi-modal ways
1. Learning Journey: Watch plays or              musical performances
2. Competitions: Essay writing                        competitions, National Story Challenge
3. Regular activities which include                  Reading, Writing, Listening and                  Viewing(Visual Literacy).
4. Drama workshops