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 Taking on the responsibility of mentoring  

In Action During Training Batting Practice.jpg

In action during training: Batting practice

Junior Boys 2016 Team Receiving Their Trophies.jpg

Junior Boys 2016 team receiving their trophies

About the CCA

Team Xinghua Softball has come a long way from a humble school team to a Nationals Championship contender. Through hard work and a strong support system of teachers and coaches, Team Xinghua Softball has improved by leaps and bounds.


We seek not only to inculcate students with the necessary skills and techniques of softball, but also essential values of teamwork, cooperation, perseverance and responsibility. Through their journey in Team Xinghua Softball, each student will be a stronger and more independent individual.





Senior Boys – Group Stage

Junior Boys – 3rd place



Senior Boys – 4th place

Junior Boys – 3rd place



1.    Junior and Senior Inter-Primary                 Softball Championships

2.    Structured CCA training programme         to promote students to play                       competitive softball

3.    School team training twice a week

4.    Friendly matches with other schools

5.    Character Development lessons                 during CCA