Undivided Attention During Training.jpg

Undivided attention during training

A Booklet For Recording Skills Acquired Weekly And For Parent_s Acknowledgement.jpg

A booklet for recording skills acquired weekly and for parent's acknowledgment 

Termly Lessons For Character.jpg

Termly lessons for character development

About the CCA

Xinghua Wushu has been building a team of cooperative, responsible and resilient pupils throughout the years. Pupils not only learn about the strokes and stances of Wushu techniques, they also undergo Character Development lessons as part of our school’s inculcation of values. Our objectives focus on skills acquisition and character development.

National Inter-Primary Schools Wushu Championship

1st in Spear (Junior Girls)
3rd in Taijiquan (Junior Boys)
3rd in Sword (Junior Girls)
4th in Sword (Senior Boys)

2nd in Nanquan-Southern Fist (Senior Boys)
3rd in Taijiquan (Junior Boys)
3rd in Nanquan – Southern Fist (Senior Girls)
3rd in Nan Dao –Southern Broadsword (Senior Boys)

The CCA creates the following platforms for pupils to be all-rounders:
  • CCA modules to expose pupils to other activities and learn a different set of skills
  • Performances such as our annual Prize-Giving Day to showcase their talents and hone their skills
  • Competitions to level themselves up