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Girls’ Brigade

The Girls' Brigade

Little hands making Mothers’ Day cards to touch mummy’s heart.jpg

      Little hands making Mother's Day cards to                  touch mummy's heart.

Serving with smiles and willing hearts at UG Carnival.jpg

              Serving with smiles and willing hearts
              at UG Carnival

About the CCA

Girls’ Brigade (GB) is open to all girls without distinction of creed, race or nationality. The GB programme aims to develop each member to her fullest potential by enabling, equipping and empowering them with practical and useful life skills. Our girls participate actively in camps, national events, enrichment programmes, badge work sessions and physical activities that build leadership skills and instil moral values in them. Through the course of participation in GB activities, the girls enrich their learning holistically and enhance their character development.

Please refer to the Non-Academic Achievements Webpage for details [link].

1. Leadership  8. Community Services 
2. Life-skills  9. Archery
3. Camps  10. Tchoukball
4. Games and drills  11. Dr Low Guat Tin      Challenge
5. Singing Sessions  12. UG Carnival
6. Art and Craft    13. Award Ceremony
7. Learning Journeys  14. Balloon                    Sculpting