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Pupils who are Proficient and Confident Communicators of the English Language.

To nurture passionate learners who will think critically and be able to problem solve.

1. Core Curriculum
- Revised English Curriculum (P1 - P3)
- (Conceptual Understanding / Active Learning with ICT (P3). Discussions & Critical Thinking / Differentiated Curriculum &
- STELLAR Curriculum (P4-P6)

2. Enrichment for all
- Speech & Drama (P1 & P2)
- Toastmasters’ Programme (P3 & P4)
- Theatre Exposure (P5 & P6)

3. Targeted Early Intervention for selected few
- Learning Support Programme & Extensive Reading (P1 & P2 LSP & ER)
- Reading Remediation Programme for P3 & P4 (RRP)
- School-based Dyslexia Remediation Programme for P3 & P4 (SDR) 
- Dyslexia Reading by AED LBS for all levels

4. Talent Development Program for selected few
- Debate (P4 & P5)

5. Fostering The Love and Joy of Reading
- In-Class Activities (Sustained Silent Reading & Reading related activities like setting up a permanent Learning Centre      for Reading/ Library corner
- Weekly visit to the School Library
- Read@XHPS (Characters Come Alive, Mystery Reader, Recess Activities supported by Parent Volunteers n Class Activities)