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Student Leadership

Every Xinghua Pupil A Leader

To provide every Xinghua pupil with opportunities to lead

(1) Baseline Cohort Leadership Training:
- P1 to P6
(2) Advanced Leadership Training
- P3 to P6 Class Monitors and Chairpersons
- CCA Leaders
- P4 to P6 Prefects
- P3 Junior Leaders
(3) In-house Leadership workshop conducted by P5 ad P6 prefects
- P2 and P3 Junior Leaders
(4) Emerging Stars Day Camp [partnership with secondary schools]
- CCA Leaders
- P4 to P6 Prefects
(5) Promotion of Healthy Lifestyle
- House Leaders
(6) Morning Express Sharing
- Reading Ambassadors
- Cyberwellness Ambassadors
- N.E. Ambassadors
- CCA Leaders
- House Leaders
- Prefects
(7) Event Photographers
- Art (Photojournalism) Club members
- Selected P5 pupils (after going through the Photography curriculum module)