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Principal's Message

It is with a deep sense of humility and an honour for me to be given the privilege to serve in the Xinghua family.  

With a 90-year history since the founding of the school in 1930, Xinghua Primary has always been uplifting children to fulfil their fullest potential and go on to lead meaningful and successful lives, growing from a little kampong school to become an impactful educational institution in the 21st century.

Time and again, despite the horrors of World War 2 and financial challenges to keep the school going through the 1940s, it has always been sustained by the passion and efforts of those who believed in the importance of schooling and education. The community and the staff never gave up on Xinghua and its students, and instead always gave generously to ensure that all Xinghua students receive excellent care and learning. 

After 90 years, the staff of Xinghua continue to “…provide Quality Teaching and Learning so that our pupils are rooted in values and stretched in their potential.”

To provide Quality Teaching and Learning is hard work; a work that can only be carried out by the courageous, the compassionate and the committed. The staff of Xinghua are such people of courage, compassion and commitment. 

Hence, I felt humbled and honoured when I was granted the opportunity to receive the baton of leadership from my predecessor Mrs Chandrika Mano. Mrs Mano has led with the School Management Committee and Teacher Leaders with conviction and clarity, growing and guiding every staff to be courageous, compassionate and committed to developing every Xinghua student to be Discerning Learners and Caring Leaders. To my new colleagues in Xinghua Primary, I want to thank and appreciate you for working tirelessly and unceasingly to grow and support our children. As I have mentioned, I feel privileged to be your fellow labourer.

Nothing has changed much since the school’s founding. The quality work of our staff has always been well supported by our dedicated partners – parent volunteers, community partners and School Advisory Council members. To our partners, I offer my appreciation and gratitude for your generous giving to the school and the children.

In the months to come, I am committed to learning more about the school, my colleagues, the children and our partners through conversations and discussions, as we work to build on the good work of Mrs Mano and past school leaders. These conversations will generate insights and inspiration to guide us in providing innovative learning experiences and facilities to nurture confident children so that they can enjoy positive relationships, and make responsible decisions for their own lives and the community. 

On behalf of the school, I would like to wish one and all, a blessed and abundant 2021. I look forward to meeting the new batch of Primary 1 children and welcoming the returning Primary 2 to 6 students in the new year of hope and possibilities, when school reopens!

Mr Chew Mun Wai