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Principal's Message

        Xinghua has always taken pride in providing an all-round learning experience for students; we are committed to providing diverse learning opportunities which challenge students and yet offer happy learning moments. Our dream is for our pupils to be passionate about learning and to enjoy the learning process.

        Our teachers show a genuine interest in student development and provide new learning experiences for them. To this end, they were keen to expose students to as many learning platforms as possible. One such opportunity was the Primary Mathematics Project Competition - Game Design Category, which took off on a note of great dare on the part of the students because it was the first time the school was participating. They decided to take on the challenge and the result of that decision was the valuable learning about working together as a team and the realisation that winning was not everything. The same learning came from students who participated in ThinkQuest 21 (a competition based on creative problem solving) and the National Photography Festival. In all of these competitions, the students recounted the great teamwork and the hard work they had put in. Despite differences in opinions, they had respectful conversations and arrived at amicable solutions. It is this attitude that we would like to pursue in the coming years; the students should believe in their own talents and gifts to be bold enough to take on the new challenges. The school will standby each and every student who is willing to work hard and to give his best.

        While it is good to be hungry for new opportunities, we should still be firmly anchored on values. The school is part of a larger community and we would like to work more closely with people outside the school. It was an experience watching students engaging the elderly in pottery lessons. Instead of reaching out, the students invited them into the school. These are the proud moments where students think outside the box to serve a higher purpose. We will continue to reach out to our community.

        Every year, we invite one of our former Xinghua students as our Guest of Honour for the Annual Prize-Giving Day. Our former students are working adults who have gone into different fields, each having pursued their own interests and succeeded in achieving what they aimed to do. Every year, we hear stories about their joyful moments with teachers and their peers alongside their challenges, We are proud that they have done well for themselves but more importantly, we admire them because they are rooted in values. Although times have changed, we will continue to give our current and future batches of students the same support so that they may also succeed in achieving their dreams. We invite you to partner us in this pursuit.

Mrs Chandrika Mano